Who is JUNE from iKON? Age, Height, Birth date, Facts

Who is JUNE from iKON?

Learn more about iKON’s member June. Including data on his birth date and birth place, age, net worth and facts.

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Who is JUNE from iKON?

Koo Junhoe, also known as Ju-ne or June, is one of the most iconic members from iKON. He started his stardom when he was just 13, taking part in a Korean TV show in an act covering presenting himself as a “Korean Michael Jackson”. More than 10 years later he came back to the same channel, taking part on the “K-pop Star” show. Just like many members of iKON he took part in the survival team show “WIN: Who is Next”, on Team B.

He has an elder sister that is also in the music industry. He is the tallest member of iKON standing at 183 cm. He is a night owl.

Name: June, Ju-ne. KR: 준회

Korean Name: 구준회 Koo Junhoe

Birthday: March 31st, 1997.

Birth place: Gangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Height: 183 cm / 6’0 ft.

Personality Type: ENFP

Education: unknown.

JUNE Social Media

JUNE YouTube : unknown

JUNE Instagram : @juneeeeeeya

JUNE TikTok  : unknown

JUNE Naver Cafe  : unknown

JUNE Twitter : @tkwpcnfak

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