Who is Song From Ikon? Age, Height, Birth date, Facts

Who is Song from iKON?

Song is one of the most charismatic members of the group iKON. Just like most members of iKON, song also took part in the show WIN: Who is Next. Apart from his artistic talents he is also good at cooking, and his family owns a barbecue restaurant. He was one of the members which has the closes to B.I, who has left the group (more information below).

He prefers girls that are older than him, and have a younger sister called Eunjin and she is famous for her beauty.

Name: Song 송

Korean Name: 송윤형 Song Yunhyeong

Birthday:  February 8th, 1995.

Birth place: Seoul, South Korea.

Height: 176 cm / 5’9 ft.

Personality Type: ENFJ

Education: unknown

Song Social Media


Song Instagram : @sssong_yh

Song TikTok  : unknown

Song Naver Cafe  : unknown

Song Twitter : @sssong6823

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