What are iKON Members age, birth date and birthplace?

What are iKON Members age, birth date and birthplace? Discover more info about this K-pop boy group below.

iKON is a Korean boy band group which debuted in 2015. It was formed by YG Entertainment, one of the largest Kpop entertainment agencies based in Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

iKON currently has 6 members. Bobby, Ju-ne, Jay, Song, DK and Chan. The famous Korean rapper B.I was part of the group iKON. He left the group in 2019 and continues to work in the music industry as an executive director (IOK Company) and also in its solo career.

Let’s check below some information on iKON’s members, including age, birth date, birthplace, net worth, relationship status and social media profiles.

iKON Social Media Channels

iKON YouTube : iKON

iKON Instagram : @withikonic

iKON TikTok  : @ikon_tiktok

iKON Naver Cafe  : unknown

iKON Twitter : @YG_iKONIC

iKON members age:

Bobby was born in December 21th, 1995. He is [age birthday=”December 21th, 1995″] years old as of May, 2024.

Ju-ne was born in March 31st, 1997. He is [age birthday=”March 31st, 1997″] years old as of May, 2024.

Jay was born in February 7th, 1994. He is [age birthday=”February 7th, 1994″] years old as of May, 2024.

Song was born in February 8th, 1995. He is [age birthday=”February 8th, 1995″] years old as of May, 2024.

DK was born in January 3rd, 1997. He is [age birthday=”January 3rd, 1997″] years old as of May, 2024.

Chan was born in x. He is [age birthday=”January 26th, 1998″] years old as of May, 2024.

Who is the youngest member of iKON?

Their oldest member is Jay, who was born in 1994.

Who is the oldest member of iKON?

The youngest member is Chan, the only member born in 1998.


bobby ikon

Who is BOBBY from iKON?

BOBBY is the main rapper from the Kpop group iKON. Even though he was born in Seoul, he spent many of his childhood years in the United States, contributing to his perfect English skills.

He won one of the editions of the famous South Korean rap contest “Show me the Money”. He won the third season and the competition continues to be presented every year.

Apart from iKON he has appeared in some other music videos including “Ringa Linga” and “I’m Different” by HI SUHYUN.

Despite his young age and busy career he already has a son, born in 2021. His partner is Korean and she is not a celebrity.

Name: Bobby (바비)

Korean Name: Kim Jiwon (김지원)

Birthday: December 21th, 1995.

Birth place: Seoul, South Korea.

Height: 175 cm / 5’9 ft.

Personality Type: INFP

Education: unknown

BOBBY Social Media

BOBBY YouTube : unknown

BOBBY Instagram  : @bobbyindaeyo

BOBBY TikTok  : unknown

BOBBY Naver Cafe  : unknown

BOBBY Twitter : @bobbyranika


june ikon member

Who is JUNE from iKON?

Koo Junhoe, also known as Ju-ne or June, is one of the most iconic members from iKON. He started his stardom when he was just 13, taking part in a Korean TV show in an act covering presenting himself as a “Korean Michael Jackson”. More than 10 years later he came back to the same channel, taking part on the “K-pop Star” show. Just like many members of iKON he took part in the survival team show “WIN: Who is Next”, on Team B.

He has an elder sister that is also in the music industry. He is the tallest member of iKON standing at 183 cm. He is a night owl.

Name: June, Ju-ne. KR: 준회

Korean Name: 구준회 Koo Junhoe

Birthday: March 31st, 1997.

Birth place: Gangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Height: 183 cm / 6’0 ft.

Personality Type: ENFP

Education: unknown.

JUNE Social Media

JUNE YouTube : unknown

JUNE Instagram : @juneeeeeeya

JUNE TikTok  : unknown

JUNE Naver Cafe  : unknown

JUNE Twitter : @tkwpcnfak


Who is Song from iKON?

Song is one of the most charismatic members of the group iKON. Just like most members of iKON, song also took part in the show WIN: Who is Next. Apart from his artistic talents he is also good at cooking, and his family owns a barbecue restaurant. He was one of the members which has the closes to B.I, who has left the group (more information below).

He prefers girls that are older than him, and have a younger sister called Eunjin and she is famous for her beauty.

Name: Song 송

Korean Name: 송윤형 Song Yunhyeong

Birthday:  February 8th, 1995.

Birth place: Seoul, South Korea.

Height: 176 cm / 5’9 ft.

Personality Type: ENFJ

Education: unknown

Song Social Media


Song Instagram : @sssong_yh

Song TikTok  : unknown

Song Naver Cafe  : unknown

Song Twitter : @sssong6823


Who is DK from iKON?

DK has born in a typical South Korean family in the capital Seoul, and has a sister. He is the main dancer and one of the leading vocalists in iKON. Apart from WIN: Who is Next, he also took part of the show Mix and Match from Mnet.

The very beginnings of his career happened when he won a competition named JYP Trainee Search. Following that, he was scouted by YG Entertainment back in 2012. Just like most members, he starred in the Team B on WIN: Who is NEXT. He prefer rather short girls.

Name: DK 디케이

Korean Name: 김동혁 Kim Donghyuk

Birthday: January 3rd, 1997.

Birth place: Seoul, South Korea.

Height: 173 cm / 5’8 ft

Personality Type: ENFP

Education: unknown

DK Social Media

DK YouTube : unknown

DK Instagram : @_dong_ii

DK TikTok  : unknown

DK Naver Cafe  : unknown

DK Twitter : @D_dong_ii


ikon member chan

Who is Chan from iKON?

Chan, also referred as Chanwoo (real name) is one of the youngest members of iKON, being born in the year of 1998 in the city of Yongin, South Korea, which is a city in the metropolitan area of Seoul.

Before joining iKON, Chan actually had a pretty successful career in a number of k-drama series and movies, including Lost and Found, Gabi and The Great King Sejong. However, he was the only member of iKON which was not part of the Team B in the renowned show WIN: Who is next.

In his childhood years, he was friends with some members of the group SF9, including Chani and Moonbin.

Name:  Chan 찬

Korean Name: 정찬우 Jung Chanwoo

Birthday: January 26th, 1998.

Birth place: Yongin, Gyeonggi, South Korea

Height: 181 cm / 5’11 ft.

Personality Type: ISTJ

Education: unknown

Chan Social Media

Chan YouTube : 찬우살이

Chan Instagram : @chan_w000

Chan TikTok  : unknown

Chan Naver Cafe  : unknown

Chan Twitter : @ikon_chan_w000


Who is Jay from iKON?

Jay was born in the beautiful island of Jeju, a famous holiday destination in South Korea. His relatively short height gave him the nickname “13cm fairy”.

Just like some other members of iKON he featured the MV Ringa Linga by Taeyang. He is one of the main vocalists in iKON and has a leading dancing role in the group. Among some interest facts about Jinhwan is that he is very flirtatious, loves to drink (especially wine) and is even considered a narcissist by some of the other members of the group.

He admitted that he prefers women that are shorter than him.

Name: Jay 제이

Korean Name: 김진환 Kim Jinhwan

Birthday: February 7th, 1994.

Birth place: Jeju Island, South Korea.

Height: 165 cm / 5’5 ft.

Personality Type: ISFP

Education: unknown.

Jay Social Media

Jay YouTube : unknown

Jay Instagram : @gnani_____

Jay TikTok  : unknown

Jay Naver Cafe  : unknown

Jay Twitter : @iKON_gnani_____

Apart from the current members, iKON has also one former member, which was B.I (Kim Hanbin – 김한빈). He used to be a rapper and had a leading role in iKON. There are many rumours regarding the exit of B.I from iKON, and among the reasons, some include Junhoe declaring that he didn’t “feel real” with the rest of the group. Problems with addiction are also mentioned as one of the reasons why Jay left iKON.

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