Who is Daemon from SUPERKIND? Member age, birth date, height, facts

Daemon is a member of SUPERKIND which is under Deep Studio Entertainment, a deep-fake technology developer, based in Seochogu, Seoul, South Korea.

Daemon is the main dancer, sub vocalist and rapper of SUPERKIND. He was announced as the second member of the group. He was also a part of the group’s pre-debut group YOURS. He can speak in English well thanks to regularly watching American movies and he is currently learning Spanish and Japanese.

While Geon is considered as the member leader, Daemon is the team leader.

Name: Daemon – 대이먼

Korean Name: Go Daeyun – 고대윤

Birthday: April 10, 2001.

Birth place: Seoul, South Korea.

Height: 181 cm / 5 ft. 11 in.

Personality Type: INFP

Education: Sejong University

DAEMON Social Media

DAEMON YouTube : unknown

DAEMON Instagram  : @username

DAEMON TikTok  : unknown

DAEMON Naver Cafe  : unknown

DAEMON Twitter : @username

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