Who is Havit from Trendz? Age, Height, Birth date, Facts

Who is Havit from Trendz?


He was casted by modeling agencies in the street in South Korea twice. He debuted (together with the other members of Trendz in 2022 with the EP “Blue Set Chapter 1. Tracks”

He has many nicknames in Korean, such as 토끼 (Rabbit) , 햄스터 (Hamster) and 빛이 (Light).

Currently he is a lead vocalist in the group Trendz. He was one of the participants of the Korean reality show Mixnine, finishing in 39th place. Havit is remarkable for his rather emotional personality, and there are reports that he has cried when Trendz first song debuted on Arirang.

This singer is [simple_age birthday=”January 1 2000″] years old

Name: Havit – 하빛

Korean Name: Lee Havit – 이하빛

Birthday: June 7th, 1999.

Birth place: Seoul, South Korea.

Height: 181 cm / 5’11 ft.

Personality Type: INTJ

Education: unknown

Havit Social Media

Havit YouTube : unknown

Havit Instagram : unknown

Havit TikTok  : unknown

Havit Naver Cafe  : unknown

Havit Twitter : unknown

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