What are YOUNITE Members age, birth date and birthplace?

Younite is a Kpop boy band. It is consisted of 9 members. Their debut was in the year 2022, with their EP named Youni-Birth. YOUNITE is managed by the Brand New Music agency. YOUNITE Social Media Channels YOUNITE YouTube : unknown YOUNITE Instagram : unknown YOUNITE TikTok  : unknown YOUNITE Naver Cafe  : unknown YOUNITE Twitter : … Read more

What are iKON Members age, birth date and birthplace?

ikon members

What are iKON Members age, birth date and birthplace? Discover more info about this K-pop boy group below. iKON is a Korean boy band group which debuted in 2015. It was formed by YG Entertainment, one of the largest Kpop entertainment agencies based in Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea. iKON currently has 6 members. Bobby, Ju-ne, … Read more

YEAHSHINE Korean Singer Info and Bio


YEAHSHINE Name: Lee Ye-bin Korean Name: 이예빈 Birthday: February 12th, 1999 Birth place: Incheon, South Korea Height: 162 cm Personality Type: ISFP Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts YEAHSHINE Social Media YEAHSHINE YouTube : 예빈나다YEAHSHINE YEAHSHINE Instagram : yeahshine_official YEAHSHINE TikTok : @yeahshine YEAHSHINE Naver Cafe : yeahshine Who is YEAHSHINE? YEAHSHINE started on YouTube … Read more

Han Ji-Eun Bio

Name: Han Ji-Eun Korean Name: 한지은 Birthday: Birth place: Han Ji-Eun Social Media Han Ji-Eun movies