Who is Hankook from Trendz? Age, Height, Birth date, Facts

Hankook is a musician (singer) in the group Trendz, managed by Interpark Music Plus.

He started his career in 2017, taking part in the reality show MIXNINE on JTBC, one of the most popular TV networks and entertainment conglomerates in South Korea.

He was the third member to be announced as joining Trendz, in 2018.

Hankook has a leading position in Trendz, and he is also a rapper. Among his nicknames he is called Cho Korea and Korea Prince

Name: Hankook – 한국

Korean Name: 조한국 – Cho Hankook

Birthday: April 3rd, 2002.

Birth place: Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Height: 181 cm / 5’11 ft.

Personality Type: ENFP

Education: unknown

Hankook Social Media

Hankook YouTube : unknown

Hankook Instagram  : @username

Hankook TikTok  : unknown

Hankook Naver Cafe  : unknown

Hankook Twitter : @unknown

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